I'm talkin Vegas, Miami, New York, LA, Japan!

Kind of a late post! But I know i'm always lookin' for new bangers at the last min. It helps if you start drinkin' while you do it haha. Here's a few tracks, lil bit of everything, that I know IM gonna play tonight. You might have em, you might not. Either way, hope you like em. To all you DJs, KILL IT TONIGHT! Photobucket

Soundmaster T - Chi-Town State of Mind - download

David Guetta & Fatman Scoop - One Love (Chuckie Remix) - download

Here's a lil live mix I did last night, not perfect seeing as how Me n Juicy drink vodkas redbulls all night haha but pretty dope

Dj Get Silly - White Folks Get Silly (Live @ Cams) Vol. 2 - download

Posted on November 7, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.