I love havin sex buuuuttttt..........

I'd rather get some head! 3-6 you guys never cease to amaze me. Let me set the record straight. I have been a 3-6 Mafia fan since the beginning. I have almost all the underground tapes and every commercial release since, well except the last one. I should probably pick that up though. This is a hot remix of their new record, which I haven't heard yet, but the remix from Krayz is DOPE.

I'd Rather Get Some Head - 3-6 Mafia feat. DJ Unk (Krayz Remix) YSI | Speedyshare

Three 6 Mafia - I'd Rather (feat. Unk) - Single - I'd Rather Download I'd rather off iTunes!

Posted on April 11, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.