I Like To Move It!

Of course I don't remember where I got this from and have no idea who made it....but its SICK! These tracks goe together so lovely. Please let me know where I got it from and or who did it so I can get you on here. Thanks to the Disco Demons for this jam! OK now who made it?

Remember this video? WOW!

I Like To Move It (Mr. Oizo White Label Mix) mediafire

In other DJ Real Juicy news....

Shout out to TerrorREID!!! for hooking up a little write up on Vimby about Swaggalicious! It has been getting a lot of love and I appreciate it, keep it coming and let me know when you post it.

Another big shout out to Jax over at I'm a Deckhead for posting the Never Scared Remix.

Also the top mashup post of 08 over at Culture Bully has been posted which includes a massive list of top lists from the year from all kinds of cats in the game, including yours truly. Check it out here. The post includes tons of downloads don't sleep.

Posted on December 22, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.