I Let My Pants Hang Loooow - New Plies

Ok I know there are lots of thug rap fans that don't like Plies, think he's fake or some shit I dunno. I love him...since I first heard him on that Biggie sample track "I Just Want the Paper". Also I'm not sure I have to worry about most of my readers being the thug rap type, so check it out if you in the mood for some o dat gangsta music. Mannie Fresh, aka the dopest dirty south producer out there, did the track and plies is on his typical goon and such. Hook is catchy as hell and the beat is fire, plus I can't wait to get hammered and play this real loud and act all gangster with my pants falling off my booty. Big shout out to DJ Decko over at Green Hitz for this jam.

Pants Hang Low (Dirty) - Plies (Beat by Mannie Fresh) zshare

Posted on August 28, 2008 and filed under Hood Music.