Humpty PSA - Kosherkuts blend

The Cleveland homey, Kosherkuts just dropped this quick blend on his fb. For those of you who don't know, I got to meet up with and spin with Kosherkuts in Cleveland for the 4th. Had a blast, party was dope, and Cleveland sure is a wild city. Big shout out to everybody I got to meet and the people who helped out. Kosherkuts, The Goldfather, EV, the entire staff at The Velvet Dog, and of course Mike for pushing me around in his Mom's Lexus. Humpty P.S.A. (KosherKuts Blend Aca Out) by KOSHERKUTS

Kosherkuts, The Goldfather, and Me. I was mad sweaty by the time the night was over. I see you scoping those exclusive WFGC Drippy T's. Don't worry they will be here sooner than you can say 'crunkdafied'.

Find more flicks at The Goldfather's blog and at Social Hangover.


DJ Young Will hooked up this video edit. Also the Drippy T's are now available here. Get em while you can! Super limited edition.

Humpty PSA from Young Will on Vimeo.