Heavy ATL: Episode 4 (Teaser)

The homey DJ Megan Foxxx has really been killing it. As of about a week ago I really didn't know who he was. Well not only is he behind Heavy ATL, which looks like a crazy night down in Atlanta, but also the cat behind Heroes & Villains. You may remember the Heroes & Villains remix of Lil Jon and Diplo's "U Don't Like Me" from last week. Yea its Heavy. Also the dude is an in house producer for Grand Hustle. Perhaps you have heard of T.I.? That would be his label. Check out the teaser below for episode 4. Stay tuned for some new goodies from Heroes & Villains very soon (I hope). P.S. do yourself a favor and watch the whole freaking thing.

HEAVY Episode 4 from Oh Snap Kid on Vimeo.

Posted on July 21, 2010 and filed under Stuff, Video.