Happy Cheesy Card Day!

Happy Valentine's Day errybody! Dudes get on the phone and start trying to make that reservation you should have made a month ago and don't forget to go to the pharmacy on your way home and fight all the rest of the jerks who has yet to get their honey a card. Good Luck. First Up, the Uffie Track, First Love. Don't know who Uffie is? Get to know her she freaking rocks! I just realized I hadn't posted an Uffie record before. Be sure to look out for more from her next week.

First Love - Uffie Uffie

This one is a repost from a couple weeks ago, but its my favorite version of the cupid shuffle and how could I not post the cupid shuffle?

Cupid Shuffle vs. Shake a Tailfeather

We really are all Love Fools aren't we? Tyler Fedchuk killed this one here!

Love Fool - The Cardigans (Tyler Fedchuk's Mix) The Cardigans

And of course my favorite.... Check out Rockaton here. My Love - Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. (Rockaton Remix)

Justin Timberlake

Posted on February 14, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.