Glad I Got Nothin On You (D. Gookin x B.O.B) - B-Roc

One of the many mashups from the Transplant II. Enough about the song already.... In other news a tree branch took out my cable. No worries I can still watch TV since we have a dish. However no internet. So this may very well be my last post before the big trip over to Finland. Hope you guys can manage without me for a bit. Be sure to stay glued to the dj site to get your fix of mp3's from some up and comers as well as some of the best remix and mashup artists out there. Keep it crunk!

If you live in Finland or one of those close countries and can travel there because the rest of the world has an awesome public transportation system and everyone says the countries are so close they are more like states here in the US, come out and see me! We'll have a Lonkero. Monday July 26th - DJ Real Juicy at Redrum Tuesday July 27th - Redrum afterparty in Estonia, yep a different country Wednesday July 28th - I'll be spinning at Fever with Saturday July 31st - I'll be at Kaivohuone

Glad I Got Nothin On You (D. Gookin x B.O.B)