Girl Talk

So a few weeks ago Summer Camp was in town. For those of you that don't know its one of the biggest hippie festivals in the country... Moe, OAR, those types of folks playing. I was even offered a vendor all access pass but turned it down. Why would I want to go? Plus having my own DJ gigs lined up for the weekend. Come to find out afterwards that Girl Talk was there. Oh well it happens.

Well the release of Girl Talk's album is here. And guess what... you can pay for it if you want. He pulled a radiohead. See the link below, girl talk whipped up a deal no one can refuse. Just tell him why you aren't paying for it and you don't have to. Want to pay and support him...and with a deal like this i recommend you all do...and you set your own price. If you pay more than $10 then you even get a physical copy shipped to you when they are complete. SCORE!

I will have to say that I wasn't really a huge fan of his before, I really could only get into a couple tracks. However this new record is FIRE. The production really is top notch. I always respected what he was doing but kind of found myself annoyed with the amount of different samples that he would throw in and out of records. But for some reason on these its like more fluid. I dunno peep it for yourself.

Of course I have to share one of my faves.....peep the Drama Sample it starts off with! I love it...used to wang this in my S-10 riding dirty in the streets of the P when I was thuggin. Who knew almost 10 years later I would be digging it in a Girl Talk track over Roy Orbison.

In Step - Girl Talk YSI | Speedyshare

Get the album here

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Posted on June 19, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.