Get Up Stand Up - Veing feat. Pitbull

Ok new cat I never heard of Vein, not bad. Check him out, track with Pitbull. I like to check Pitbull's stuff out because he does know how to push the boundaries time and time again. Hook is pretty dope, I thought it was going to be on some Bob Marley stuff when I saw the title, but its more of an electro-rap track. Hook comes through dope, I know some B'more DJ is going to get a hold of this and make a fire remix. The whole out of tune saw instrument is getting a little played...thank you lil jon....but I do like how they started the first couple verses with lead ins that you will know and love so I thought I would post it. Best of all thank you for trying something new, even though I'm not sure how floors will respond to this record at first.

Vein featuring Pitbull - Get Up, Stand Up


Posted on January 25, 2008 and filed under Hood Music.