Forgot About Dre (Morsy mix)

I know some may say this song is old...alright but in the remix world nothing is considered old when revamped & steps up the track to the 9th power! This is definitely an upbeat electro house track alongside these bouncy Dr. Dre & Eminem vocals remixed by DJ Morsy & his crew Nana Chill. This will hold you over until the infamous "Deetox" LP haha! actually this song never dies cause Dre is always on some hiatus,right? anyhow also this will be on Dj Morsy's Remix LP "Don't Hate on the 808" he is dropping on Thanksgiving Day over at his blog site Nana Chill

Forgot About Dre (Morsy Mix) - limelinx

Posted on November 23, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.