Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Louie from the Disco Villians sent over this jam and I got super yeeked up as soon as it started with the Ricky Ross vocals. The Hussalin, Hussa, Hussalin repeats, snare drum, low synths, OG sample choir thing, Erryday I'm.... then it really starts to get silly. Listen and enjoy and then bang this in the club this weekend. Killer toms in the pattern. Rick Ross; might be an interesting cat to sit down and have lunch with. Looking at all that jewelry and remembering what my homey Tosh let me know. I may have to leave the tip, but I am ok with that. Ross you want to do lunch? Screw it let me know I'll even pick up the bill.

Rick Ross - Hustlin (The Disco Villains FRESCO RMX) - Rick Ross download

Posted on September 4, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.