Dusty Digital - Got Your Money

Dusty Digital is a new group that makes mashups of Rap acapellas over electronic beats. Who would have thought. However, you better check this ODB joint out below. If you like that they have 13 more on the soundcloud. Digital breaks & samples of following artists: Alavi Rerox, Black Kids, Chris Isaak, Chew Fu, Chromeo, Fare Soldi, Just A Band, Junkie XL, Pharmacy Of Sound, Phonat, Shazam, Saint Pauli, Spank Rock, Tepr, The Twelves, The Virgins, THIS/Is, XXXChange, Yelle, Young Punx, Yusek.

Dusty Digital - Got Your Money by Steez 83

Posted on August 15, 2011 and filed under Dance Tunes, Mashup, Remix.