DJ Jazzy Gems - This Is PURE #Moombahton

You know whats so dope about this? Well a number of things, don't get me wrong. Yay Moombahton. However.... He did it live. All you fake ass mixtape makin acid pro DJs get back. You have a 10,000% better chance of getting your mix posted for Mixtape Monday if I hear you scratch on it. Even if its just into the next track. Even if its kinda wack. Come on guys..... Sorry, my rant is over. The Acid Pro comment might have dated me too lol. Not sure if that is even relevant anymore.

DJ Jazzy Gems - This Is PURE #Moombahton by DJ Jazzy Gems

DJ Jazzy Gems - This Is PURE #Moombahton Mixed Live. #MOOMBAHTON!!!!!

Track Listing- 1. Play World - Uncle Jesse 2. Swagger(Jimmy2times Moombahton Edit/Blend) - Udachi f/John Eric 3. Westside, Bitches! (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit) - Tupac x Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo 4. Oldskool (Boo Moombahton Edit) - J-trick 5. Next Episode (DJ Melo Moombahton Blend) - Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg 6. Rump shaker (Moombah Twins Remix) - Wreckx N Effect 7. We Don't Give a Fuck (Uncle Jesse Fuckin' Moombahton Edit) - Kid Kaio 8. Get Bucked (Skeet Skeet's Moombuckton Remix) - Kissed With A Noise Ft. Young Buck 9. Taking Over The Dancefloor (Kate Middleton) - Nadio Oh 10. Crazy Funky Style (Moombahtron Edit) - The Partysquad 11. You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) (skykid Moombahton edit) - Tiga 12. Oyee! (Oh Snap!! Moombahton Edit) - Act Yo Age 13. Warp The Moombah - (Ckrono Moombahton Edit) - tBB vs Afrojack vs ReepR 14. Plastik (MegaBass Moombahton Edit) - Angger Dimas 15. Night (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - Benga 16. The Whistler(KAP Moombahton rmx) - Claude Von Stroke 17. Que Que feat. Maluca - Original Mix - Diplo, Dillon Francis 18. Dangerous (DirectFeed n Disturbentz Moombahton mix) - Busta Rhymes 19. Witch Doctor(moombahton refix) - DJ Bam Bam 20. Hulla Hoop - DJ Beyondadoubt 21. Bira Weed (Hartbreak & Melo Moombahton Edit) - Marcus Price & Carli 22. Stickin (Moombahton Edit) - Opulent Sound 23. Raven (Skinny Friedman Moombahton Remix) - Proxy 24. Everyday (BOYFRIEND edit) - Rusko

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