DJ EV EXCLUSIVE REMIXES! Gucci Man/Big Tuck & Jay Z/Beyonce

Our partna 'n' crunk DJ EV has done it again & again not only is he up for "Best DJ" in the Cleveland Scene he was voted best mixtape dj in Ohio period in previous years. This guy got it on lock in Ohio for sure and is sending us some definite heaters starting with the Big Tuck ft. Gucci Mane "Not a Stain on Me" dirty & clean remix joint that I just rocked this past Thursday at my resident nite in Pittsburgh,PA. It tore the roof off! The beat is heavy and has that all in together now feel to it from the beginning to end just listen to it it will move you & your whole hood guaranteed. Download and enjoy! The second selection is a Beyonce ft. Jay Z "Diva" Remix which will make your girl & her girl shake it like a Salt Shaker! (in my Ying Yang Twins voice!) hahahaha

Big Tuck ft. Gucci Mane "Not A Stain On Me" Dirty Version- mediafire

"Not A Stain On Me " Clean Version - mediafire

Beyonce ft. Jay Z "Diva" Remix - mediafire

Posted on January 20, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes, Hood Music.