Dead Prez vs. Joy Division plus Mass Appeal Mixtape

First off, I am not a huge Girl Talk fan, or Easter Egg, or anybody like that. The music is interesting and every once in a while I might throw one on at a party if I think I can pull it off. So I get this DJ who sends me his mix and calls it in the fashion of Girl Talk, so I looked over it. I think I checked out one tune and kept it moving. A few months later I get another email recommending the same dude and his mixtape, probably somebody in his camp, anyhow...slow day in the office so I check out his mixtape, every track. Found a few that are pretty dope but the last jam on the tape, took me for a surprise. Man it started and chills shot up and down my body I kid you not. KILLER! So Autorock, well done. And sorry for not putting you on from the get go. The tune is Dead Prez "Hip Hop" over three tracks. First is Joy Divisions's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. The next two are on the tip of my tongue, but I can't come up with them right now....o well thats what I have Vuji for. For more from Autorock of course check out his myspace or the whole Mass Appeal mixtape.

Dead Prez vs. Joy Division/???/The Cure - Autorock Mix zshare

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Posted on August 27, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.