Cool Kids T-Shirt Design Contest & Stunnaz On Remix

Ok this is illy, design a t shirt for the cool kids and win 10 gz? Who couldn't use an extra 10 Gz lying around? And what a sick concept, 'We’re looking to find the illest t-shirt design that exemplifies the style, creativity, originality, and straight up dopeness of the Cool Kids!' Yea that is ill check it out over at karmaloop and bring your A game for sure on this one designers. Contest Rules and Entry

And just in case you needed a little inspiration a hyphy joint from the yay area featuring the Cool Kids about what other than stunnnannnannauz. Hyphy still the next crunk? Anybody make it? If so send it my way!

Stunnas On (Remix) - Starski Ft. The Cool Kids mediafire

Posted on December 6, 2008 and filed under Contest, Dance Tunes, Hood Music.