Colors (DJ Real Juicy Instrumental)

Once upon a time I was pretty deep into the beat making game. A few twists of fate and I realized I could make way more money DJing than I could making beats for independent rappers. This is one of the last tracks I made. It was pretty much just for fun. I did it a few years ago, right as I was just getting into the Baltimore club music scene (hence the bmore loop in the track). I still think its dope, even though its just a rough draft and doesn't really have any drops or anything. I have a ton of tracks lying around that I keep thinking about digging back into. I also keep thinking about hooking up the MPC again, or even moving into the computer production game. Kid Cedek showed me some dope tricks using Logic last time I was down in the A. I think I need some sort of spark to get me back interested again. Anyway I dare someone to rap on this. I dare you.... And now a random photo related to rap music

Colors (DJ Real Juicy Instrumental) by Real Juicy

Posted on October 13, 2011 and filed under Dance Tunes.