Clinton Sparks Interview

Sort of a special edition of Mixtape Monday. Recently Clinton Sparks dropped his latest mixtape and spoke with our buddy Govia about what he does. Clinton Sparks promo pic.

What do you look for when searching for club bangers?

There's many elements that can qualify a song to be a club banger. Anything from its melodies to lyrics that everybody sings to the energy. The best part is when one song has all of the above. When people sing out loud & then jump their asses off to the same song, that's a certified club banger.

What's your ideal work environment?

When Raging? Packed venue full of people who came to specifically Rage & have an Awesome time. When making music? Lots of tea.

What's your definition of a DJ?

Someone that understands people, emotion & they have a good sense of timing. They introduce music to people & are not afraid to play something unfamiliar but that falls under timing. The right time will get people to listen. Knowing a crowd & being able to be give them what they want & what they don't even know they want, seamlessly.

Being able to Evoke emotion even out of the one donkey that looks like he doesn't want to be there.. (Btw -Why do those people even exist? Or that person who keeps looking @ you & motioning to convince you the party won't be hot til u play that one song they want you to play, meanwhile the whole place is singing & wildin out. Tip: Stop the music, ask everyone if they are having fun & once the roar simmers down, say, well if u guys want to see what someone not having fun in here looks like, everyone look @ this girl & then point to her & drop "Move Bitch". U know, if ur into amusing yourself like I am.

Favorite venues/ markets? What town is more awesome than you would think?

So many places I have gone that I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. Toronto is a city that they just appreciates music. People of all different races just come together to Rage & enjoy themselves. I really like the people & vibe up there but of course, I LOVE my city of Boston & the party people there have become very open minded over the years & now understand what it means to Rage!

Clinton Sparks with his baby mamas.

How many baby mommas do you have? Just kidding.

Man when I happen to see one of these reality shows that are just drama, fighting, yelling from these girls & makes me soo grateful that I am not a slut.

What are some Pre conceived notions about DJs that are false.

I'm not sure what any pre conceived notions are about DJs but I'm sure that some DJs definitely fulfill them. When I take pics & hang out w/ fellow ragers during or after the show, I do ooften hear people say thanks for being cool or taking the time out to chill & I think, I'm just as if not more thankful that you want to hang with me or take a picture & why would any DJ not want to do this & I've heard stories about some being very stuck up & wouldn't do this. Idk man, I love music, l love people, I love smiles & I love my life.... Now I'm curious. What are some pre conceived notions??

How do you feel about the new fad of becoming a DJ?

Well the DJ has become the lead singer of the band & most people want to be the lead singer of their band figuratively speaking so it makes sense. I'm happy because I technically have been a DJ since i was 10 yrs old so to see that people really appreciate the culture is exciting. I'm not worried or lose any sleep over say a celeb or a newbie becoming a DJ. If they want to join the party, the more the merrier. People know what they like so I focus on being & making what they will like. Its no different than a kid wantiing to be an athlete because its cool or a way to make a better life for yourself. Anyone bothered by something usually feels threatened by it & I don't just mean threatened that it may be better but that it may damage something that the person upset helped to build & if that's the case, then worry about building it better & stronger.

What equipmemt and software do you prefer to mix with?

I use Serato

What's your title on your business card?

What true rager has a business card? That's not punk rock.

What else are you trying to add to your resume?

Well I was nominated for a grammy this year for producing on Lady Gagas album so, going from nominee to winner is one thing. I am currently writing tv shows & movies & just signed an agreement with a major production co. In hollywood. I pretty much have added everything I want on my resume @ some capacity but I, of course intend on making them all more prominent. I've produced & written platinum records, I am a host on E! News, I have a syndicated radio show in 22 cities, I have toured the world & performed from the Boston Garden stage to Wembley Arena, I have built million dollar companies, I've directed & starred in videos, I've worked with some of the biggest artist in the world, I went from living in my car to doing all this & most importantly, I make some people happy. Me asking for anything else would be pretty ignorant. In my mind, I have as close to a perfect life as I could make for myself.

What do you do to stay relevant?

Stay presistent & consistant. Worry about everything, Pay attention & never take anything for granted. Get Familiar.

Clinton Sparks' My Awesome Mixtape Vol 3 and Interview with Govia Radio.

1. Intro - Who Loves House,Electro,Hip Hop, Dubstep (Live from a Clinton Sparks Awesome Party) 2. Who Came to Mother F#ckin Rage - Clinton Sparks & Joker Inc. 3. Maximal Rattle - Tiesto, Rick Ross & Bingo Players 4. Who is Ready, Hell Yeah - DJ Chuckie, Tiesto & Showtek 5. All by Myself - Dubvision & Ludacris 6. Somebody Epic by Myself - Goyte, Sandro Silva, Quintino & Dubvision 7. Call me out of Control - Carly Rae Jepsen, Alesso, Sex Ray Vision & DJ Kue 8. If you're trying to Rage - LMFAO & Ralvero 9. Night out with your Girl - Martin Solveig, Ludacris, A-Trak & Dadalife 10. We Are Young so Let's have a good time & Rage - Fun., Pitbull, Dadalife, Hypercrush & Alvin Risk 11. Red Line (Got Me Started) Again - Wolfgang Gartner Feat: Clinton Sparks 12. Shooting for a Million Stars - Otto Knows & Rick Ross 13. Stars Come Out - Zedd & Heather Bright (Tim Mason Remix) 14. I'm Glad You Came In Time - The Wanted, Alvaro & Wale 15. Embrace Eyes on the Illest Chic Alive - Kaskade, Mindy Glenhill, Dirty South, John Dalhback & Wale 16. Watch You - Clinton Sparks (Clinton Sparks & Maestro Harrell Remix) 17. Where Have You Been - Rihanna (DJ Vice Remix) 18. You're Gonna Love me Again - Nervo & Roscoe Dash (John Castro & Zroq Remix) 19. This is Love - Will.I.Am & Eva Simons 20. Spectrum Dream - Zedd, Fabolous, Jodeci, Mathew Coma & DJ Chuckie 21. The Veldt - Deadmau5, Chris James & J. Cole (Tommy Trash Remix) 22. Language (Let's Drive) - Porter Robinson Feat: Clinton Sparks 23. Scream - Usher (Clinton Sparks Remix) 24. Rolling Stone T-Shirt - Dadalife, T-Pain & Cazzette 25. H8RS - AN21 & Max Vangeli Vs. Steve Angello 26. I Rave You - Basto 27. WTF - Nicky Romero, 50 Cent & Zroq 28. IDKurName - Clinton Sparks Feat: Mike Posner 29. In My Mind - Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl, Georgi Kay & Axwell 30. My Own Worst Enemy - Lit Vs. Clinton Sparks 31. She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mudd Vs. Clinton Sparks 32. Closing Time - Semisonic Vs. Clinton Sparks 33. Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown (Clinton Sparks Remix) 34. Hey Love - Clinton Sparks 35. Nothing - Sander Van Doorn 36. Outro - The Inevitable Outcome 37. Catch This Flight - Clinton Sparks (Produced By Tha Bizness)

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