Brookly, we still go hard - Solly & Whatt Remix

I do believe I posted the Solly remix a few weeks or months ago of "Brookly We Go Hard". Here he teamed up with Whatt to put a little more stank on it. Much longer take on Jay Z's record, but still pretty dope.

Brooklyn We Go Hard - Jay Z (Solly vs. DJ Whatt Remix)

I also have been meaning to talk about this dope new label and how they are going to be doing things. I however don't have the time, but its sweet!

"I'm just hitting you up about a new label venture that we're doing. It's called Scatterblog Music, and it's not just like any other label. We're gonna be releasing tracks for free, through the blog. We're not just posting exclusive tracks and calling them releases though, we're posting tracks especially for the label, along with remixes by some great local and international talent.

The first release is going to be a compilation, Real Music For Hustlers. It'll feature 21 tracks by Scatterbloggers (Scattermish, Mu-Gen, Mat Cant, Paz, Lewis CanCut, Slap & Dash, Digital Manges). We've printed up a bunch of CDs that'll be handed out at the release party - which features Edu K, and is going to be held down here in melbourne australia, on the 21st of February at The Espy. It's going to feature Slap & Dash, all the scatterbloggers and the first live show by Digital Manges."

This is a little funny. This hottie is crip walking to brown eyed girl. Not sure how much WC would like that seeing as how he wanted to kick Lil Bow Wow's ass for crip walking on 106 and Park.

Posted on February 25, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.