Brand new Kanye West & T-Pain

DJ Khalid...what can I say about you?.... thanks for ruining your own records by yelling through them. Anyway more importantly onto the music. Kanye West & T-Pain hook up again for a typical Khalid record...Runner's beat (which notice now not only do they have the little breath thing at the begging but also a 'we go by the runners', I guess in case people who care to know who did the track couldn't figure it out) and of course DJ Khalid saying 'WE DA BEST' at least 14 times. Bottom line check the track out if for no other reason other to hear Kanye say turds in the second verse. When I came up ya'll gave me shit/now im gonna make ya'll eat them turds

Go Hard - Kanye West & T-Pain zshare

Posted on August 18, 2008 and filed under Hood Music.