Big Gipp remixed by Treasure Fingers!

Goodie Mob. Wow just seeing that name brings back some big time memories. Soul Food, one of my first CD's ever. For those not in the know..Big Gipp is from Goodie Mob who was or is (not sure) Dungeon Family affiliated, like the Outkast. I think the whole thing has gone to hell but it used to be a dope click of rappers and Organized Noise from Atlanta. Ever sense BIg Gipp had a few random solo joints and a crazy group effort with one of the dudes from the St. Lunatics (Nelly's Group). Glad to hear him revived especially with the crazy electro treatment from Treasure Fingers. Shout out to Pandatoes for the track.

Big Gipp - Hot (Treasure Fingers Remix) zshare

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Posted on September 10, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.