Best of the best, I lost count!

Yep I lost count. O well tons of huge tunes this week! I think this is the best week we have had so far. Shout out to everybody who posted your joints this week!

Don't Stop Just Dance - Lady Gaga x Journey x DJ Slink download (perfect for your early night sets, two huge tracks together)

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow (DJ Milenko Remix) download (haven't heard the OG of this yet so not sure what you did, but hey you made it!)

Crank Dat Techno (Phinatik Mix) - Soulja Boy x Bass Attack download (it's been a while since we have had a good soulja boy mashup, well done! makes me feel like a raver!)

Cool-O - DJ Trekk x Pitbull x Fredde Le Grand download (sickness! especially when the 'face down ass up' that i have been saying I'm gonna use for like 6 months now pops on the track!)

Fancy Footwork (DJ Beebs Mix) - Chromeo download (haven't heard some chromeo in a while so had to include this jammer too!)

Hip-Hop Is Not Dead!