Best of the best! Guess who?

Slink! You are a beast! You can probably guess what this joint is. SICKNESS.

Day-N-Whitestripes - Kid Cude x White Stripes x DJ Slink download

We also have beXn getting some pretty interesting rap joints on the site. Check this one out! Dope hip hop beat with a sick sample, which I'm assuming is Glasvegas. Goes into like a double time thing towards the end and it's "crazier than kanye with a mohawk". Just ask June.

Stabbed - June Featuring Glasvegas download

And now for a bonus! Been a hot minute since we have had one of those. This track is seriously sick. I play it just about every night and I'm not sure if I posted it before or not. So here we go!

DJ Assault x Nirvana x DJ Slink - Ass & Titties x Teen Spirit download

I'm seriously about to have a whole closet full of these dj assault shirts! Grab it here.