Best of Friday and we have two killer jams for you this week.

I think this week has been the best yet for this segment. I actually can't decide which one of these mashups I like better so I guess I'm going to have to call it a tie. Both are freaking dope and workable in most situations. I actually never liked that Paralyzed song at all by Finger Eleven or whatever, however over Katy Perry's Hot and Cold, well sort of makes the whole situation much better. I still don't really like it lol but hey its better and I will probably play this a lot. Killer work DJ Shades, I never would have thought this would have fit together.

Paralyzed by hot and cold - DJ Shades x Katy Perry x Finger Eleven mediafire

The other hot a$$ record to come off the dj site this week was a mashup of Pitbull's Shake and a Benny Benassi song. Doesn't really matter which one, they all sound pretty much the same. But yea its something about sex, killer tune and Pitbull flows over it perfectly. Shake Shake Jus Shake Shake Jus Shake Shake Shiggy Shake Shake.

Shake for Sex - DJ Trekk x Pitbull x Benny Benassi mediafire