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Feeling a tad under the weather this mornig :( BOOO The Goods...

have you been doing any kind of drugs sir?

Dat New New (VIKING Remix) - Kid Cudi download you killed it with this one homey! Cudi is a marked man now by remixers.

we roll camels godayyymit

Beautiful (VIKING REMIX) - Akon download another hit by VIKING

hope this is the right chick

Ill kill her (not:fx kill the bitch remix) - Soko download indie sounding-ish electro sorta stuff, not typical of what comes over from the dj site, but I FREAKING LOVE THIS TUNE, killer work!

yay hippies

Turn casey jones right round - Grateful Dead x Flo Rida x DJ Shades download wish you would have just stuck to the casey jones and flo rida on this one homey!

Posted on March 20, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.