Music Lovers Unite! Chicago Music Scene under Attack!!

Help us save the Chicago music Scene.  Currently, there is an ordinance about to pass in Chicago, IL that will effectively stifle creativity in Chicago's musical, Theatrical and general cultural scenes (remark courtesy of Dani Deahl). This 'Event Promoters' ordinance will require any event promotor to have a license from the city of Chicago and liability insurance of $300,000. The effects of this ordinance are far reaching, affecting small bands, bars, people under the age of 21, and many more.  For more information on the ordinance, follow the link to Jim DeRogatis' blog on the Chicago Sun Times:

Please sign the petition included below to help stop this ordinance from taking effect!

 Additionally, if you would like to help please consider the following options:

  • Leave a comment on the Petition
  • If in Chicago, call your alderman to complain
  • Spread the word!
  • If available, there is a protest scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th at City Hall: 121 N. LaSalle, 2nd Floor

For other questions or comments, please contact Dani Deahl at

Thank you for your consideration in these efforts!

Posted on May 13, 2008 and filed under White Folks Get Crunk.