DJ Real Juicy

DJ Real Juicy’s insatiable drive to hone his craft was birthed as a kid bobbing his head to his dad's vinyl at the dinner table. He scraped together money from numerous part time jobs to buy his first set of decks at 16 years old. At 18, he took the first steps out of the bedroom and onto the career path of a professional dj. As well as djing, Real Juicy took up music production in his spare time and caught the ear of a local hip hop label based in Peoria, IL. This turned into Real Juicy being a full-time beatsmith, marketer, graphic designer, as well as performance dj for acts on the label. 

After producing numerous tracks, touring, and dropping mixtape after mixtape, Real Juicy turned his sights on becoming a well rounded, open format dj, capable of rocking parties of all shapes and sizes. Real Juicy has opened for numerous national recording artists, most recently handling performance duties for Flo Rida at Blush in Las Vegas. Remixes of his have been praised by notable music blogs such as Palms Out, Missingtoof,, The Remix Archive, I’m A Deckhead, and other. Real Juicy is also the founder of his own music blog, White Folks Get Crunk, which has grown to become a major player in the blogosphere, to the tune of a mere 30k hits a day. 15 years after those first decks, Real Juicy continues to hone his craft and respect the hustle, murdering dancefloors everywhere he touches down spanning the Midwest, West Coast and even overseas as well as branching out starting his own t-shirt line, graphic design firm, and more. 

DJ Real Juicy is coming to a dance floor near you, capable of alerting the fire marshal every time he touches the decks. Strap in, because this kid has a rocket pack on, aimed at making it to the top of the dj game, not only behind the decks, but on the business end as well.